The Holidays are a Special Time!

For many of us, our lives are filled with hustle and bustle, fast moving business and hard work. As such, we have a tendency to lose touch with family and friends.

Thanksgiving, the Start of the Holiday Season, provides another chance for us to be with them and take a little time out from all the stress of the year, count our blessings and to enjoy life the way it should be.

"Start of the Holiday Season" was written to credit Thanksgiving as the Start of the "unofficial" Holiday Season, which runs all the way into the new year.  Thanksgiving brings together family and friends from all over the country, and even from other parts of the world, for a heartwarming day (and season) of friendship, warmth, and love.  Oh yes, let’s not forget the food at the dinner table.  It’s a time for everyone to “catch up” on all the year’s happenings, a time to re-charge our spirits.

Now we don’t claim that this song will lower your cholesterol or blood pressure, make you lose weight, cure any disease, or bring about world peace, but it is a happy uplifting song that hopefully will brighten your day, lift your spirits and make you just a little bit happier when you hear it. Just in time for the holidays. Enjoy!
We are sure you will agree it is the best Thanksgiving song you have ever heard, that you’ll tell your family and friends about it and add it to your collection of holiday songs. You can also stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, iHeartRadio, and Groove.
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“Start of the Holiday Season”
©2013: Words and music by Bruce David Baca

We're gathered together with all of our loved ones,
Our spirits have been revived.
We’re giving thanks for all of our blessings
It’s the reason we’re alive.

Thanksgiving’s the start of something
We've waited a whole year for
It starts the holiday season
Warming our hearts once more

It’s been a while, so dust off those smiles
We’ve waited much too long.
Let’s fill this house with voices and laughter
Let’s fill this house with song.

Now starts the holiday season
Good will and joy to all
Family and friends together
We're going to have a ball

So let's fill this house with smells from the kitchen
Let’s fill our hearts with love
We are all here another year
Thanks to the Lord above

Turkey with stuffing
Cranberry sauce……
Mashed potatoes and gravy …
Butternut squash
Glazed ham and green beans
Candied yams too
Bread and butter, and apple cider,
Pumpkin pie when we’re through

There may not be a turkey
There may not be a ham
There may not be one slice of pumpkin pie
But any kind of dinner
Will always be winner
With loved ones at our side.

Thanksgiving's the start of something
It’s the reason that we're all here
A time for friends and family
It’s the happiest time of year

So break out the china we’re gonna dine
A feast with all of our friends
But first give thanks to God above
For letting us do this once again
Yeah, let’s make this day one to remember
Then set our sights on ol’ December
We’ve got so much to be thankful for…
Then if God’s willing we’ll be together once more

Thanksgiving’s the start of something……
Yes it’s the start of something……..
It’s the start of the holiday season……